The Great Web of Percy Harrison Fawcett. This logo is a trademark of "The Great Unknown, The Great Explorers" and "The Great Web of Percy Harrison Fawcett" - All Rights Reserved

The Great Web of Percy Harrison Fawcett. This logo is a trademark of "The Great Unknown, The Great Explorers" and "The Great Web of Percy Harrison Fawcett" - All Rights Reserved


The ultimate announcement

Are there Extra or Intra Terrestrials living on our planet today?

Was Colonel Fawcett's great will to amaze the world? 

Will the world be startled?


We have reasons to believe that we have approached the ultimate source of our research the place that Percy Harrison Fawcett was in search for in 1925, the so-called and enigmatic city of "Z" and we believe that we have reached the entrance of his subterraneous world built by a highly advanced civilization; a world that was Colonel Fawcett’s great objective.


The ultimate announcement comes together with very serious questions that are definitely answered in our site's pages as well as from the results of our long but successful research in uncovering Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett’s mysterious disappearance in the wilds of Brazil in 1925.


A brief description of the account

Percy Harrison Fawcett does not belong in the history anymore but in legend. He spent 19 years of his life in the jungle of the Amazon, in the wilds of Brazil searching to trace a long-lost ancient civilization, the remains of which are still hiding among the silent trees, the dirty rivers, the full of poison snakes swamps, and in the memory of wild cannibals. 


After all these years of heroic wanderings in the most unexplored regions of South America, the Darkest Continent, as he himself named it, he finally fell a victim of the jungle while he was walking towards a Great Vision. The virgin wild rainforest allowed him to explore its interior asking for exchange his own life. 


No matter what happened. Colonel Fawcett gave his life because he was absolutely certain that deep inside the Amazon jungle, there was a tribe of white people with a more advanced civilization than our own, perhaps, the most ancient but highly advanced civilization of mankind.


Seventy-nine years ago, Colonel Percy Fawcett, his son Jack Fawcett and their friend, Raleigh Rimmell, mysteriously disappeared during his eighth expedition into the remote jungles of the Serra do Roncador, in the Brazilian State of Mato Grosso. 


It was summer 1925 when his last message was past to his wife Nina from the Dead Horse Camp, the last outpost of civilization, before setting off deeper into the Mato Grosso region.


"You need have no fear of any failure"


Following a successful career in the British Army, Colonel Fawcett became a legendary explorer and led several expeditions into the largely unexplored interior of Peru, Bolivia and Brazil. He was fascinated by recurring stories of unknown cities among the Indians of the Selva. 


On one occasion, he himself saw strange bright lights hovering at night over the jungle. Just prior to his last expedition, he wrote, “I have heard from Indians about 'collections of stones' and clothed Indians who worship the sun and guard the approaches to their cities with savage determination.” 


Records in the archives of missions and governments also talk

of clothed white Indians occasionally sighted but never contacted,

of lost cities in the Brazilian forests on a scale greater than those of the Inca Empire

of ruins of monolithic in character, more ancient than the oldest Egyptian discoveries. 

There were also rumors of a source of light in the buildings, a phenomenon that filled with terror the Indians who claim to have seen it


Our research and its incredible results

So far, there is one thing that should be taken into consideration that is Percy Harrison Fawcett is still alive today and lives underground at Z, a revelation that is confessed by those who are still in touch with him today, a revelation that has reached the ultimate result of our research. 


Therefore, soon we are about to make an announcement concerning this event that its revelation has been hidden from our own world for more than 90 years, so stay alarm and prepare yourselves to hear the unexpected that will really startle the world, exactly what Colonel Fawcett was eager to do when he left for his eighth expedition into the unknown in 1925, to startle the world.


This revelation emerged suddenly from our last research into the Brazilian Mato Grosso to uncover the case of the Xavante nation that kept Colonel Fawcett busy for quite a long time while he was in search of vital clues and elements to record the route of his destination into "Z" and lead himself there in 1925 leaving the world behind him in question for more than 80 years. 


The Xavante and the Morcegos were possible his secret key to his great objective. At the same time, the Xavante and the Morcegos are introduced in Wéré'è's incredible story of our research that started in June 2004 and continues today in 32 consecutive parts and more to come soon as our storyline unfolds its tentacles further and lead us nearer to the sources of this amazing ultimate revelation. 


Wéré'è, our connection and associate from Brazil, is the blood brother of a Xavante chief named Josué and he has committed a very important duty in that part of South America with intention to offer to our world unbelievable and shocking information concerning our research. Apart from the great revelation of Colonel Fawcett's destiny, this story also reveals astonishing facts from different parts of Mato Grosso, Goias, Minas Gerais, and Pernambuco  States of Brazil.


That's what comes out of our research and we are proud to announce the existence of the extra and intra terrestrials in the subterranean territory of our planet earth. Yes, Colonel Fawcett wanted to startle the world so we have reasons to believe that it is going to happen soon and we advise you to be well prepared for it reminding you at the same time our logo that justifies the purpose and the endeavor of our investigation.


More information concerning this apocalypse will be announced soon through our website "The Great Web of Percy Harrison Fawcett". We hope that we will be able to give the best results and a possible solution on this matter that kept busy since the first quarter of the 20th century many people from the scientific and adventurous world from almost any part of the world.  

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