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Sudden earthquake, the massive tsunami and 

the entity of the "Others" on our planet Earth


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Part two: Never doubt of our beliefs and the incredible results of our research, just think of them and be part of them if you really wish to discover the truth that is hidden in front of your eyes


A repeated tragedy in Indonesia (Java) on July 17, 2006 

(Strongly recommended before you continue with this one)

Almost in short distance from the first event of Tsunami on December 26, 2004


Another repeated tragedy in Japan this time on March 10, 2011

In the same territory of Asia with the massive 8.9 magnitude earthquake and a destructive tsunami along with a nuclear explosion in Fukushima Power Plant


What we had predicted then it came true today, almost 5 years ahead...

Is another one coming in the near future? Just, remember the Planet X


By Emmanouil Lalaios

Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society

We had mentioned it then and we were true so we mention it again that destructions like that will happen repeatedly in the immediate future so it is up to you to decide, which way to choose for your safety that is entering Ibez to follow the footsteps of Colonel Fawcett and save yourselves, save humanity and our globe living an everlasting life at Ibez

Our article for the first Tsunami of 2004 had explained everything that happened those days on the planet earth and we still expect the comments and / or suggestions of YOU, our readers, on this particular matter. Actually, we expect to find people that would participate in our research as supporters both financially or supporting us in uncovering the secrets concerning our research that have to do with Colonel Fawcett and the "Others".


Unfortunately, we have realized that our readers, including you that you read this article, have either no intention in helping us find a solution and come into contact with the “Others” for various reasons and we are inclined to believe that they are scared that something might happen to them if they get involved with it. Fear is what we call it but fear does not help at all in uncovering one of the greatest secrets on earth so they, that includes you reading this article now, have to get rid of this fear and help us organize an expedition to the world of the “Others”.


To be more specific for one more time, we have already given you a vividly description of what had happened during the tsunami / quake of 2004 in that part of the world and also you can see the recent earthquake of 8.9 Richter and the new destructive tsunami in Japan that happened on March 2011 that has caused so far an unexpected situation of loosing hundreds of human lives in  the first place and putting in danger thousands more after the explosion in the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant so it is absolutely no need to refer ourselves on the same subject again but to say that this event is going to happen again and again in different locations of our planet in the immediate future. The entire story reveals the unexpected and involves the theory of the Ibez and the “Hollow Earth” so it is strongly recommended that you must see the links at the bottom of this page concerning our subject and find out the truth.


The hollow earth is inhabited by an advanced kind of another world that is only accessible through renowned portals that lead to two different destinations. The first is the subterranean world and the second is the portal to another dimension that leads to other galaxies. The ethereal power of those that inhabit the hollow earth is highly advanced, intangible, highly refined, heavenly, spiritual, immaterial and definitely not from our world.


Do you dare to do such a thing?


Why not? Nothing is going to beat you… on the other hand, you will be amongst those that will certainly startle the world so take a chance and proceed to discover the unexpected. If it is possible, fight against it and uncover it and if you think you are not capable of doing such a thing by yourself, then ask our help or take part in our group that will soon form an expedition to the place where no man has ever gone before. 


It’s your chance right now to prove yourself a hero and become a myth in the history of mankind by startling the world.  Think about yourself and what you can do in helping your fellowmen; have confidence in yourself and persistence in what you can do and come into contact with us.


Do not avoid the destiny of your life by playing with unconfirmed sources on this matter


Do not be involved and above all do not waste your valuable time with the normal human life activities such as watching or participating in football actions, visiting cafeterias and night clubs and waste your valuable time and above all, stay away from media actions such as modeling, singing, acting, swimming and normal travel activities and avoid whatever is involved with them unless you are a different person from what we expect you to be. 


If you do not belong to the above-mentioned characters and you want to be someone else involved with adventurous activities, let all the above-mentioned events for others who have different personality, have no desires of meeting the unexpected and scared of walking even if one step ahead and you try to become someone else. If you are financially independent and wish to be someone, then try to help us organize our expedition to the place where no man has ever gone before.


Once again, please read below what happens on earth on a daily basis and judge it by yourself. Find out about the “Others” that live amongst us, the ET’s (extra-terrestrials), the remnants of a highly advanced civilization, their connection with the IT’s (intra-terrestrials), what they do on earth, if they are the human being protectors, where they are now and what they are planning to do with the humans.


You should know so far that our research has uncovered the unexpected and we are proud to announce what happens on our planet, what is been hidden for so long on locations away from civilization, what CIA and other world governmental organizations have to do with it, who is trying to hide it and why is it hidden from the entire world?


The results of our research since 1998


What happens in South America is what bothers us nowadays. Some evidence we are about to give you concern CIA and other Governmental Agencies / Organizations that act mysteriously and mystically in the matter of the "Others" and their involvement with us, the humans.


Roberto, one of our connections in Peru, reported to us that he left the mountains because he was afraid to get involved with trouble, he told us the CIA operates there and is eliminating the shamans after they got all their secrets. (The entire story of Roberto is mentioned in details in one of our Xavante story journals) Roberto is from Lima, but was raised in Cajamarca. He knows about the tunnels and much more about the lakes in Lares that have tunnel into the inner earth. The CIA is gathering information from the shamans about the tunnel network and then once they have that they eliminate any shaman as witness.


-       That’s why the CIA roams there with automatic guns , Roberto said. They spread aids on purpose, they kill the shamans because that's what they should do if they have too many onlookers, or the shamans know when the time will come that the person comes they are waiting for who will cleanse the earth.


During our research we met an interesting guy from France who lives in Lourdes. He says is involved with Extraterrestrials and knows lots about it. Including stuff he cannot be opened about it and told us that all around the world people are being murdered by governmental agents who want to keep the lid on what they know about UFOs and Extraterrestrials. He says he knows a few of them (extra-terrestrials) and could introduce us to them, but he also said that they might follow us everywhere and some are not so nice to human beings and have little surplus to use humans. And, yes, at last, this man has heard about Colonel Fawcett and he too believes he is alive and living underground!


Brazil for instance, created in 1969 a System of Investigation of objects in the Air. (SIOANI), an official source, and well kept secret of the FAB (Brazilian Air force). Other sources go much farther in and guarantee that a secret deal has been made between Aliens of outer space and governments. According to this theory, supposedly, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated because he had discovered some cosmic events. Some ET’s would have given spatial technological aid to the Americans to get to the moon. Many people believe that the United States would never have reached the moon in 1969 without extra-terrestrial aid.


The entrances to the subterranean world of the hollow earth are localized in Mato Grosso and in the Iguaçú Falls. Subterranean scientists are able to wield forces of nature we know nothing about, as demonstrated by their flying saucers, which are operated by a new, unknown source of energy, more subtle than atomic energy. Antoni Ferdynand Ossendowski claims that the Empire of Aghartha consists of a network of subterranean cities connected with each other by tunnels through which vehicles pass at tremendous speed, both under land and under the ocean. These mysterious tunnels, an enigma to archaeologists, exist in greatest number under Brazil, where they open on the surface in various places.


The most famous is in the Roncador Mountains of northeast Mato Grosso to where Colonel Fawcett was heading when last seen. The city for which he searched was not the ruins of a dead city on the surface but a subterranean city with still living inhabitants and that he and his son Jack reached this city and are still living therein.


This is the belief of Professor de Souza, Commander Strauss and a writer named O. C. Huguenin. The Roncador tunnel opening is guarded by fierce Xavante Indians; these Indians kill anyone who dares to enter uninvited and who might molest the subterranean dwellers that they respect and reverence. The Morçegos Indians also guard these secret tunnel openings leading to subterranean cities in the Roncador Mountain region of Mato Grosso. The Morçegos jealously guard the entrance to the tunnels from people who are not sufficiently developed, because they do not want trouble. In the first place, they do not want anyone who is still enmeshed in commercialism and who has a desire for money.


After you read the articles that follow concerning the entire truth on what is going on with the event of the “Others” and the final results of our research, you should be able to judge yourself if you are able to be part of our team to startle the world. Whatever happens, you should know that we are in search of good sponsors to support our expedition in the Footsteps of Colonel Fawcett in the Serra do Roncador of Mato Grosso entitled:


Expedition of no return in the ethereal place of the unbelief


                 The 42 journals cover our Xavante story and unfold the unexpected

                 The Theory of Ibez in connection with Percy Harrison Fawcett

                 The Hollow Earth's theory and its precedent advanced civilization

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