The Great Web of Percy Harrison Fawcett. This logo is a trademark of "The Great Unknown, The Great Explorers" and "The Great Web of Percy Harrison Fawcett" - All Rights Reserved

The Great Web of Percy Harrison Fawcett. This logo is a trademark of "The Great Unknown, The Great Explorers" and "The Great Web of Percy Harrison Fawcett" - All Rights Reserved


Unbelievable testimonies on Colonel Fawcett's life today

Our meeting and final decisions taken for us by the "Others"


By Emmanouil Lalaios

Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society


This is the entire truth either you believe it or not

Our continuant investigation on this particular subject and our contact with the right people in the only earthly territory that hides an unpredictable theory and mystery for a long time ago has led us, either you believe it or not, to “Z” the place where Colonel Fawcett mysteriously disappeared in 1925. There, we had the opportunity to meet the Intras that inhabited this unworldly highly advanced civilization and we were offered an unbelievable future life if we shall accept their rules to enter and inhabit their own supernatural subterranean intra-terrestrial or extra-terrestrial world on one and only condition, to forget about our past.


None of our small team accepted to join them unless first we notify our own families what we intend to do. We have been given the chance to think about it, to notify our own people of such a decision and return to this newly world of ours, the Ibez. We were also instructed by them to complete a duty in our own way bearing in mind our promise not to hearsay our secret.


After that we decided to make our final announcement to our world, share with them our knowledge on this extraordinary event that happens to us asking them at the same time to support us in any case to complete our last expeditions to the places where no one has ever gone before and show to our world the reality that has been hidden so many years from us, in others words to…

  • Show to them that we are one step away from the portal to enter the subterranean world and that we have the power to do it with the help of the “Others”.

Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett had found the entrance of his great objective and led in there his last (eighth) expedition in 1925 with absolute determination to change his life in the literal sense of the word taking with him his first-born son Jack Fawcett and a friend of Jack named Raleigh Rimell...

  • Show to them that we are into contact nowadays with the “Others” and that we have been able to communicate with them and particularly with Colonel Fawcett who is alive today living an immortal life at Ibez that is probably the Greek hiding place of Kephises.

It is quite understandable that the inhabitants of this great civilization have used the super power of those who built it before their entrance into their society in order to experience their new face of life with them. Probably, they had followed some rules of obedience, enthusiasm for their acceptance, willingness to remain forever within the spectrum of their new life and society and above all to forget anything from their human past and people.

  • Show to them that during our contact with the “Others” we found out that they were friendly with us and they offered us a welcome visit to their world that we accepted without any hesitation.

The inhabitants of this civilization were those who, in the literal sense of the word, were looking for it in the past. Apart from the Spanish conquistadors and the natives, among them were groups of adventurers, explorers, and sea-traders of Portuguese, British, Germans and Greeks, not forgetting to include other nationalities from around the world. Each one of these groups had managed to accomplish the perfect plan introduced to them by the “Others” to reach the sources of this incredible civilization, for this reason it was settled down that as its own constructors were advanced creatures, its inhabitants would also be of the same kind, which means sophisticated, enriched with cleverness, high-educated, chosen by their own human race to execute difficult tasks, missions, duties, obligations and above all with great experience in explorations.

  • Show to them that soon we will have the ability to see from nearby all the beings of the Intras and Extras that live on any place of our planet and particularly next to us; the rest of the humans cannot see them and cannot hear them.

The “Others” determine our entrance to their world. There are three passages that exist in the Brazilian territory that one could reach the world of the “Others”; passages with a vestibules to other worlds and appear only when there are lunar conjunctions and alignments of the planets.

  • Show to them that some famous explorers, and/or scientific members of expeditions whose had approached the “Others” have been either accepted or rejected into their own world.

Those who also live there, they use a very uncommon way of transportation in comparison with us, the humans, that is the ethereal way of transport when they want to move to other destinations in distances traveled in a speed counted on years of light or other unapproachable ways of calculation.

  • Show to them that we will be given by the “Others” special benefits and gifts and that we are going to be part of their world soon, which means that we will live another life in the subterranean world of Ibez.

The inhabitants of this great civilization on earth were, before the entrance to their new life, absolutely human beings who had unique privileges with the experience of the sea masters and the sea-trading including among them the Norwegians and the ancient Greeks, those with indomitable character and obsession to search for the unexpected, those who had absolute confidence to themselves for unlimited steps to the unknown and those who had definitely inhabited this great civilization.

  • Show to them that the Hollow Earth is a reality with entrances worldwide that cannot be seen by the humans.

Colonel Fawcett was in search of a subterranean Greek city that existed in the vast and dense rainforest of the Bolivian and Brazilian Amazonia and he wanted to enter this city on his own in order to startle the world. This Greek city that was named after the Attic God of the river Kephises, was built by a group of experienced seafarer Greeks who 'reached' that part of the world centuries ago with the help of an advanced subterranean civilization of non-humanoid beings that came from another dimension with intention to inhabit this part and enormous interior of our planet, or as otherwise called "The Hollow Earth",

  • Show to them that we have definitely managed to solve the mystery of Colonel Fawcett's disappearance.

Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett had entered the subterranean world of the “Others” that live at Ibez in the Hollow Earth and in other dimensional spaces; he had habituated himself with the rest of the “Others”, such as the extra-terrestrials and the intra-terrestrials, who inhabit this civilization and he lives there today in harmony and immortality.

  • Show to them that we are not scared of any organization on earth that is involved with the case of the “Others” and seek to keep their existence hidden from the entire world of humans.

Our associates and those who work closely with us on this research since 1998 have revealed to us that whoever knows details and secrets concerning the existence of the “Others” (ET and IT) is facing the danger of been killed by certain governmental members of different countries in the world. We have information that all around the world people are being murdered by governmental agents who want to keep the lid on what they know about UFOs and Extraterrestrials. Yes, you heard correct, they are murdered... terminated we could easily say.

  • Show to them that soon we are not going to be humans but beings from another dimension, which means that we shall never die, we shall never get sick, we shall never grow up and we shall never change image.

Once they entered the door of this civilization, their life has been tremendously changed. They do not become aged and live in everlasting harmony. The sexes live apart and the women all looked as if in their teens, even though some were centuries old. Also these people are all an exact copy of each other, with no individual variation. Women produce children by parthenogenesis and are all virgin mothers.


What will happen next?  
We let you guess on that…  

Under NO circumstances we intend to release our great secret to reach this subterranean world of Ibez as we have worked very hard on this case without being rewarded from the humans so we owe our lives to the “Others”.  Those who wish to know details of such events might have to give kingdoms to gain it…


Emmanouil P. Lalaios

Owner of “The Great Web of Percy Harrison Fawcett”

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