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MU, a disappeared Ancient Civilization


Article composed by Emmanouil Lalaios


This  civilization lived on a continent lost in the Pacific and it was first introduced by an ex-English colonel named James Churchward who was a member of Bengala's Lancers Corp. settled in India. During an assistance program he meets a rishi ( a great Hindu priest ), who had some stone bar, written in naacal, the Mu native language. 

The priest taught him to translate the primordial Muvian language, inscribed on certain tablets in India and Mexico. These tablets confirmed that Mu had been the fountainhead of civilization, predating even Atlantis. Several races of early humanshad sprung up there, sharing the country with fauna ranging from brilliant butterflies to mastodons.

From these bars and traditions of some Pacific islands and some areas of the Central and South America, he deduced some things. He said that the first humans take origin at Mu, about 200 million years ago. Their technology was more advanced than ours. They've known how to control the force of gravity.

12.000 years ago there was a catastrophic explosion that caused its sinkage. Only a few islands remained after that cataclysm. 

According to James Churchward report, this idyllic land of Mu rested on a foundation of gas-filled caves and that the gas exploded during the cataclysm and Mu sang beneath the waves. The lucky survivors who escaped to Muvian colonies around the world later inscribed the tablets that Churchward claimed to have deciphered.

No such accounts have ever been found by others, nor have geologists discovered any trace of a sunken pacific continent.  

Sixty-three million people lived on the now lost continent of Mu over 200,000 years ago. Fifty thousand years ago their civilization disappeared beneath the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

The children of Mu became the most influential people on Earth when, according to Darwin, Man was still closely related to the monkey. America was one of the first colonies of Mu. The children of Mu had an incredibly sophisticated government, flowering of culture and scientific technology.

Evidence has been found that indicates they flew in lighter-than-air machines. When Mu sank, and the mountains appeared, man degenerated into the savagery out of which our own civilizations have emerged. When Mu, the now-lost Pacific continent, became overcrowded, colonization began . . . and America was one of Mu's first colonies.

From America to Atlantis to Europe and Africa the movement of colonization continued, until cataclysms destroyed Mu and Atlantis.

All these statements are made-and proved -in this astonishing book, written by James Churchward, one of the world's most extraordinary mystics and scientists. The author has spent a half century in painstaking research, extending to many parts of the world, looking for the original history of man.  

Some articles mentioned above were taken from the following publication and used in the form of brief extracts for the purpose of review and only.

The Children of Mu, James Churchward, Paperback Library,1969, 223 pages, paperback

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