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The emergence of Colonel Fawcett’s secret city of ‘Z’

By Emmanouil Lalaios


The Hiding Place of Kephises (Cephissus)

The Greek inscription copied in 1753

The “search for Atlantis”

The Persian Daric

The mysterious letter of 'Z'

The idea of the “Z” letter in a map


Was Colonel Fawcett’s great objective, the point of ‘Z’, a Greek ancient city built by a highly advanced civilization, inhabited by a human race of unbelievable beings, and located in the dense and still unexplored rainforest of the Brazilian’s wilderness?


The mystery of Colonel Fawcett’s secret city of ‘Z’ emerges slowly from the past in an unbelievable theory concerning the destiny of this legendary British explorer in combination with his great objective to startle the world.


A new testimony that reverts the originality of Colonel Fawcett’s story bringing the explorer’s great objective, the city of ‘Z’ in another dimension beginning from another country’s territory located far away from the Amazon’s jungle. 


A territory that, even if it is basically located at a distant to Brazil place of our planet that has offered so much to the archaeology of the world with its very rich background in the history of its civilization and we talk about Greece, it was and still is in search by famous explorers in a hidden location of the Amazon’s rainforest in the wilderness of the Brazilian Mato Grosso. 


According to our investigators, this territory that was included in the routing of Colonel Fawcett’s last ill-fated expedition in 1925 now emerges suddenly and slowly from the heart of the most recent investigations to bring to our world a new amazing and hard to believe story. 


It combines the secrets found in the still unexplored parts of the Amazonian rainforest with a Greek ancient civilization before the Hellenistic times and even more back to the Greek mythology period that reveals the unpredictable theory of a Greek city named Cephissus as Colonel Fawcett’s great objective, a story that, if it comes alive, would certainly startle the world.



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The Hard Way to The Universal Glory and Fame


Cephissus, the Greek mythological river God from the famous Elgin marbles collection located in the British Museum.

Photo is taken from the Parthenon Marbles website 


By Francisco de Sales do Lago

A Brazilian researcher, writer, teacher and retired lawyer who was born in Rio de Janeiro


The story covers the chapter six (6) of Francisco  do Lago's book 'O Transplante do Terremoto-A destruicao de Kefises (The earthquake's transplant and The destruction of Kefisus) that concerns the existence of a very old Greek city that was destroyed by the Portuguese Government after 1754; a city that Colonel Fawcett was in search for during his eighth ill-fated expedition into the Brazilian wilderness of Mato Grosso, which according to his research was Colonel Fawcett’s city of quest “Z” or Kefises named after the Greek mythological River God Cephissus.


There is no doubt that Percy Harrison Fawcett was fighting against windmills when he decided to search for the Greek city of Kephises in the Brazilian State of Bahia. With this assertion we mean to say that Fawcett knew exactly what he was looking about. He wasn’t an amateur adventurer; on the contrary, he was a scholar. 


After transcribing the “512 Document” at Rio de Janeiro’s National Library, Fawcett managed to know exactly what he would search for. We assume that, in this first stage, with the essential cooperation of his European geographer and paleographer friends, he proceeded to the decoding of the inscription on that document. 

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