Please, read the under-mentioned links with patience and persistence to realize what our goal is and what our findings are during this long period of our research. These links will help you realize better what our real goal is and what our objective will be after this expeditionís commencement. The Great Web of Percy Harrison Fawcett (index page)  

The 42 journals that cover our Xavante story and unfold the unexpected. The existence of the Extra-terrestrials and the Intra-terrestrials as well as the UFO's   

The entire amazing revelation with details of the incredible results of our research 

The theory of Ibez in connection with Percy Harrison Fawcett

Are there Extra or Intra Terrestrials living on our planet today?

Strange events about CIA spies and Aliens appearance in Amazonia

Very important article for everyone to read, particularly my conclusions in the ending part

Our Expedition to the Ethereal Place of the Unbelief

The sudden earthquake, the massive tsunami and the entity of the "Others" on our planet Earth



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