The Great Web of Percy Harrison Fawcett. This logo is a trademark of "The Great Unknown, The Great Explorers" and "The Great Web of Percy Harrison Fawcett" - All Rights Reserved

The Great Web of Percy Harrison Fawcett. This logo is a trademark of "The Great Unknown, The Great Explorers" and "The Great Web of Percy Harrison Fawcett" - All Rights Reserved


By Emmanouil P. Lalaios

Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society

Owner of the Great Web


We originally created “The Great web of Percy Harrison Fawcett”, a non-profit website, at the end of 1999 in order to cover our long-time research concerning the life and the disappearance of the legendary British explorer Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett and his explorations in South America between the period of 1906 (when he was first assigned by Sir George Taubman Goldie to work on the delimitation of the Bolivian borders) and 1925 (when he led his last [eighth] ill-fated expedition into the unknown); our goal was to uncover the truth on what happened to him during his mysterious disappearance in the wilderness of the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso in the year 1925 while he was looking for his great objective, the city of his quest “Z”, to startle the world.


Details of the contents given in our website were collected by those who were very close to Colonel Fawcett such as


-         Relatives of him having amongst them his great nephew Timothy Paterson who searched for his uncle several years after his disappearance with the help of his companion and close friend Tom Welch and the half-Indian half-Portuguese and Brazilian powerful medium Deusinha who was the guardian of one of the Fawcett’s caves in which Percy Harrison Fawcett was said to have disappeared and the one who has maintained contact with Colonel Fawcett over the years


-         Close friends of the family as Misha Williams, writer and Director of the Stage play "AmaZonia" that was held at a London's theater last year with details taken from Percy Fawcett's personal log-books during his exploration period in South America


-        Scientists and colleagues from the Royal Geographical Society


-      Explores and adventurers from the entire world including among them Pablo Cingolani, leader and director of the five official Bolivian expeditions in the footsteps of Colonel Fawcett within the unexplored Madidi in search of the tribe of Toromonas and also James Lynch, leader of the recent Autan expedition in search of Colonel Fawcett that its members were captured by Indians in Mato Grosso and were forced to pay ransom of 35,000 US$ to be freed


-         Researchers as Francisco de Salles do Lago, a Brazilian writer, teacher and retired lawyer who has made a transcript of the famous document 512 of the 1743 Portuguese expedition, the unique and authentic documentation as it exists today in the National Library of Rio de Janeiro that has given Fawcett the chance to lead his eighth expedition into the unknown


-        Other important acquaintances that were involved with his mysterious disappearance such as the hierophant of the Monasteiro Teúrgico of Mato Grosso Udo Oscar Luckner and his wife Tereza de Jesus Ferreira who is nowadays one of the two powerful women of Roncador


-        His immediate family representative today, his granddaughter, Mrs. Rolette de Montet-Guerin and we thank her for everything she has done so far.


Our website in combination with our online Xavante story uncover one of the greatest secrets on our planet and finally fulfill Colonel Fawcett’s great desire. We are now ready to do exactly what Colonel Fawcett had failed to succeed in his own time and before his disappearance that is ‘to startle the world’.


Eighty percent of the site’s contents are shown in the form of titles below in order to give to our readers a just picture of the situation on what the site includes amongst others.


-    “The Great Web of Percy Harrison Fawcett” was originally created to be a hidden non-profit website with availability to those who have given us or will give us important information on this matter and help us find a solution in the mysterious disappearance of Colonel Fawcett. This is only for our reader's information. However, after a few years we decided to let the contents of this site free to our readers for various reasons


-     Our online Xavante story that is part of our research entitled “Xavante, a bellicose nation of Mato Grosso and Percy Harrison Fawcett” is also not offered free of charge and is available after buying the 49 so far journals at a special offer.


Both of the above, particularly our Xavante online story journals, are the key to what happened to Percy Harrison Fawcett after his mysterious disappearance in 1925 in the wilds of Brazil, where he is today and what was his original plan that was kept well-hidden not only from the entire world but also from his close relatives and friends. The links shown below represent the final results of our research that has led us to the place where Colonel Fawcett disappeared in 1925 while he was in search of a highly advanced civilization in the subterranean world of Ibez, where he lives today an immortal life and who is responsible for his disappearance.


The Great Web of Percy Harrison Fawcett

The page of coming into contact with us


Xavante, a bellicose nation of Mato Grosso and Percy Harrison Fawcett

The 41 journals of our Xavante story that are on sale


Our incredible journey to meet the “Others” and Colonel Fawcett today

The truth is inside here, not out there! - Believe it or not… it is astonishingly the truth!!!


Are there Extra or Intra Terrestrials living on our planet today?

Colonel Fawcett and the “Others” at Ibez today


Ultimate announcement-Was Fawcett's great will to amaze the world?

 - You have no fear of any failure - 


The hiding place of Kephises

Was Colonel Fawcett’s city of "Z" a Greek city built by a highly advanced civilization


What is shown below is part of the contents in titles of articles that one can read in our site “The Great Web of Percy Harrison Fawcett”... You can easily find them by searching for the titles below in our search engine in the beginning of our site.


The story of the Bolivian Acre

Ismael Montes President of Bolivia from 1904–1909 and from 1913–1917

Sir George T. Goldie, the assignment of a duty by the president of the RGS

Fawcett's first trip to Bolivia and South America

Albert De Winton disappearance (1934) while searching for the Fawcett’s party

Colonel Fawcett and the Amazon women

Colonel Fawcett and the Sucuriju Gigante (Anaconda)

Reports about the size and the length of an anaconda

Palo Santo (Sacred tree) and the Fire Ants

Apazauca Spider - The huge master of its kind

The Bandeirantes and the Portuguese expedition of 1754

The decipherment of the black basalt idol (Image)

Beasts of the Caupolican - Unexplored swamps and wilds

A visit to Butantan snake farm

River of no return  

Brian Fawcett’s briefly opinion and theories about his father’s case

The Bushmaster or Surucucu, a terrifying reptile that kills on the spot

The Cinder fish and how makes its attack to the human body

The Caraja Indian camps

A letter by Colonel Fawcett to Alberto Childe (sent on September 10, 1920)

Celtic Druids

La Ciudad de los Cesares (City of the Caesars)

Churchward's Expedition, 1932 report about Fawcett’s disappearance

The Fawcett Country (Brazil)

Geraldine Cummins-Irish medium and her connection with Colonel Fawcett

Old Indian tradition about dead cities

Dead Horse Camp (Fawcett's Camp) – His last post of civilization

Diego Alvarez - The Soldier of Fortune (1622)

Fawcett’s last communication with civilization

Disputes between fellows of the RGS on Fawcett’s capabilities and experience

The historical account of the Manuscript 512

Fawcett's Personality in Brief

Fawcett the Dreamer

Fawcett the Mystic

George Dyott's Message to NANA (North American Newspapers Alliance)

Commander George M. Dyott's Relief Expedition

Edmar Morel and Nilo Vellozo - Reports about Fawcett’s death

The emergence of Colonel Fawcett’s secret city of “Z”

Erling Nordenskiold, a Swedish explorer traveling with his wife in the Amazonia

Fawcett's routing to the northwest of Cuyaba

Rafael, a race against time by Arthur Gerald

And the Amazons of South America were not necessarily myths...

A brief history article from the beginning to his final expedition

Fawcett's 1st Expedition The Setting of Boundaries Pando-Acre July 1906-May 1907

Fawcett's 2nd Expedition Through the poisoned hell-March 6-November 18, 1908

Fawcett's 3rd Expedition (Bolivia) Unlucky Thirteen May 1909

Fawcett's 4th Expedition (Bolivia) Good Savage June 11 – October 25, 1910

Fawcett's 5th Expedition (Bolivia) To The Roof of the World April–December 1911

Fawcett's 6th Expedition (Brazil) The Front Door 1913 - 1915

Fawcett's 7th Expedition (Brazil) Gongugy Expedition - February 1920-Late 1921

Fawcett's 8th Expedition (Brazil) The last ill-fated

Colonel Fawcett's last expedition into Mato Grosso

The final conclusion and the beginning of another search

Peter Fleming's expedition diary to trace Colonel Fawcett

The descendents of Flower's family in Apolo

The Frenchman, The first contact

The plateau of Goyaz

The prehistoric Greeks and the civilization of Atlantis

The children of the sun

Sir Henry Rider Haggard (1856-1925)

Ricardo Franco hills and the Huanchaca plateau

Reports for the missing party from failed expeditions

Report in 1933 of the Japanese Mr. J. Ikissima

Izarari, chief of the Kalapalos, the tribe that claims to have seen Fawcett alive

The hiding place of Kephises, a great Greek city in the middle of Amazonia

A letter to the Society

Fawcett’s last letter to the Society

The lost world of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Major Rondon's work on telegraph line

The Mapiri Trail

Martha Moennich Report 1937 about Dulipe, the probable son of Fawcett

Fawcett's spiritual communication with world famous psychics

The Morçegos, a Negroid type of Cannibal tribe in the middle of nowhere

The Mystery of Mato Grosso and the Portuguese “dense Forest”

The secret of Colonel Fawcett's disappearance in the Brazilian wilds in 1925

Virginio Pessione - Report of 1933 about the existence of Fawcett

The Portuguese expedition story and the lost mines of Muribeca

Puraque (the electric eel)

Recent investigations to solve the long-time mystery of Fawcett's disappearance

Reports about Fawcett's existence

The Family's residence in Devon until their separation

Royal Geographical Society - The Geographical Journals

Tom Roch's report in 1933 about Fawcett’s appearance

Serra do Roncador, the mountain range that hides a great secret

Theodore Roosevelt's South American expedition

The Royal Anthropological Institute

Sao Francisco River basin

Savages and beasts of the Caupolican

Shamballa exposition of a borderline research

The Society of American Magicians

Reports of the underground cities

South America “The Darkest Continent” as Colonel Fawcett named it

The Untold Truth

Stefan Rattin and his disappearance while searching for Fawcett’s party

Timothy Paterson, the great nephew of Colonel Fawcett

The transcript of the document 512

UFO wandering above Brazil where Colonel Fawcett disappeared in 1925

Patrick and Gordon Ulyatt - Report of 1935 about Fawcett’s existence

Aboard the Ship "Vauban" and Fawcett’s last voyage to South America

The vampire bats and the trouble they cause in the Amazonia

Colonel Fawcett’s expedition in west Brazil

An anonymous informant report about Fawcett

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