The Great Web of Percy Harrison Fawcett. This logo is a trademark of "The Great Unknown, The Great Explorers" and "The Great Web of Percy Harrison Fawcett" - All Rights Reserved

The Great Web of Percy Harrison Fawcett. This logo is a trademark of "The Great Unknown, The Great Explorers" and "The Great Web of Percy Harrison Fawcett" - All Rights Reserved


Colonel Fawcett and the “Others” at Ibez today

Are there Extra or Intra Terrestrials living on our planet today?


The truth is inside here, not out there!

 The logo that justifies the purpose and the endeavor of our investigation


The “Others” are not coming and are not expected to come but they live here on planet Earth for a long time. They live amongst us.


-          We cannot see them but they can…

-          We cannot hear them but they can…

-         We cannot go with them to their own land of the unexpected but they can go everywhere they want…

-          We cannot be in touch with them but they can in their own way…


Believe it or not, we, the team of this research, will soon have both the power and the opportunity to break this sound of silence that makes the human factors involved in this event avoiding talking about it. We will give to the world the truth of what is really going on in this important and serious subject of the Extra-Terrestrials/Intra-Terrestrials with an unbelievable way; the way of entering the door into their own world, into their own Kingdom, and with a positive respond to our own; something that has never been done before. In other words, we will certainly startle the world that is exactly what Colonel Fawcett was aiming to do in 1925 with his 8th expedition into the wilds of Mato Grosso and into the unknown.


Our long-extended but successful so far research is broadly well-known that is based on the 1925 mysterious disappearance of the British explorer Percy Harrison Fawcett while he was looking for Ibez inhabited by white Indians and the “Others”. We are proud to announce the results of this research and our belief that Colonel Fawcett had found the entrance of his great objective and led in there his eighth expedition in 1925 with absolute determination to change his life in the literal sense of the word taking with him his first-born son Jack Fawcett and a friend of Jack named Raleigh Rimell.


We have reasons to believe and to confirm at the same time that Percy Harrison Fawcett had entered this subterranean world who lives at Ibez in the Hollow Earth and in other dimensional spaces; he had habituated himself with the rest of the “Others”, such as the extra-terrestrials and the intra-terrestrials, who inhabit this civilization and he lives there today in harmony and immortality. Those who also live there, they use a very uncommon way of transportation in comparison with us, the humans, that is the ethereal way of transport when they want to move to other destinations in distances traveled in a speed counted on years of light or other unapproachable ways of calculation.


This kind of transport is succeeded only through the portals (entrances) that lead to the outer space and to places where no human being has ever gone before. This is the same portal or the doorway to a Kingdom that was entered by Fawcett in 1925 and probably the same portal that is going to be entered by our experienced expedition team that is planned to go in there in the future to discover how this civilization has managed to live for quite a long time so well-hidden on our planet and what kind of power they use. In addition,


-       What are their capabilities and why have they avoided becoming friendly with us, the humans?


-  Do they allow us to enter to their own Kingdom and under what circumstances they welcome us, the humans?


The Portals

Translated by Alann-Wéré'è-Wayra Inti


There are points from which irradiations of high energy emanate, constituting in this way, special points.

-          Where are these points?


In woods, waterfalls, mountains, caves, springs and more interesting in caverns. Not always all related points possesses this particularity, when geographical points of this nature with a higher level of emanated energy occur, they change into portals.


Some of them are Portals of Entrance for the Interior Worlds and Ibez, also the domicile of the Masters of Ascension, in our case: the Metaphysical Sanctuary of Roncador. The Planet is being coursed by constant electromagnetism and in various directions. All over the whole Planet Earth, over these lines of power, in the past, churches, temples, altars, monasteries, chapels and crosses were constructed. This particularity was known, considered and approved. Today, the past re-emerges in a high number of radio extensions.

-          Do all detect them?


All human beings of physics-economy constitution with the major adherence of atoms (the sensitive ones);

-          How does it happen?


It happens in a collision of local energy of the Portal with an aura of Sensitivity, the physical body undergoes a vibrational impact. Specific glands enter in an accelerated action, segregating thus organ-chemical elements that run through specific channels, reaching the brain, refining themselves through the nose and reaching the brain and the pineal, which ends up in wakening the emotion, thus reaching the Portal of the Soul.


Could you believe that?


Our associates and those who work closely with us on this research since 1998 have revealed to us that whoever knows details and secrets concerning the existence of the “Others” (ET and IT) is facing the danger of been killed by certain governmental members of different countries in the world. If it is true then,


Why all those who are involved in matters of UFO’s and ET's/IT's are facing a danger of loosing their lives?


We have information that all around the world people are being murdered by government agents who want to keep the lid on what they know about UFOs and Extraterrestrials. Yes, you heard correct, they are murdered... terminated we could easily say.


In France in particular, the people who know too much on ETs / ITs are being followed, scrutinized by a secret agency that has tons of files on the "Others". The same happens in other countries including USA. The recent movie "Predators vs. Aliens" is almost a pastiche on what the chronicle of Akakor tells us, and slowly shows us that the Hollywood has being preparing us for the coming of the aliens long time ago.  


Are you one of those who are terrified or one of those who want to be involved deeply in this matter and enlighten it?


We are here to announce that our team will uninterruptedly continue our project dealing with the mysterious disappearance of Colonel Fawcett, the theory of Ibez and our contact with the “Others” no matter what happens. One is certain that is soon we will be able to give whatever others could NOT give in the past; the secret of the “Others” existence and collaboration with us on our planet. Whatever happens, you should know that we are in search of good sponsors to support our expedition in the Footsteps of Colonel Fawcett in the Serra do Roncador of Mato Grosso entitled:


"Expedition of no return in the ethereal place of the unbelief"

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