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The Theory of Ibez in connection with 

Percy Harrison Fawcett


By Emmanouil Lalaios, F. R. G. S.


Biography / Non-Fiction / History / Research ISBN 960-92467-0-2


Paperback format, 210x148 cm, 114 pages including 60 B&W and color photos and maps.


The incredible results of a research to find evidence and clues concerning the mysterious disappearance of the legendary British explorer Colonel Percy H. Fawcett while he was looking for his great objective, the city of ‘Z’ inhabited by a subterranean highly advanced civilization. The testimonies and events of this story are based on real facts dramatized in the unexplored Brazilian state of Mato Grosso since the beginning of the 19th century.


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Persons who have given us information for the completion of this book are Tom Welch, travel companion of the great nephew of Colonel Fawcett Timothy Paterson, James Lynch leader and in charge of the Autan Expedition in the footsteps of Colonel Fawcett five years ago, Misha Williams writer and director of Colonel Fawcett’s stage play “AmaZonia”, Guilherme Coutinho one of our Brazilian connections and a very good contact with the family of the monk and hierophant Udo Oscar Luckner and his wife Tereza, Francisco Lago a Brazilian writer and researcher who testifies that Colonel Fawcett’s great objective was a subterranean city inhabited by Greeks worshiping the Greek God of the River Kephises (Kephesus), Adam Schwartz a U.S. researcher from the University of Wooster, e.g.


The contents of this Book


Part One

Ibez , an unapproachable theory of our precedent civilization - page 09

The theory of Ibez  in connection with Percy H. Fawcett - page 13

Foreword and Gratitude

Tom Welch  and our first contact with Ibez - page 17

Theurgy, theosophy and Ibez - page 19

Colonel Paulo Straus  and Udo Oscar Luckner

The involvement of Timothy Paterson  in the story of Ibez - page 29

The theory of Ibez  and how it appears today - page 41

The AUTAN Expedition and Hermes Leal

The final conclusion and the beginning of another search - page 47

The document 512 and its incredible turn in our story - page 61

Sighting the site of Colonel Fawcett ’s great objective through a satellite


Part Two

A highly advanced civilization on our planet - page 69

Those who built it and those who inhabited it

The Saw of Roncador  and our final conclusions

Our effort to answer most of the questions p72

Other reports about the existence of the subterranean world - page 87

The Germans in connection with our research and Colonel Fawcett-page 89

The attack of the German U-Boats in the Darkest Continent and the inhabitants of the city of Akakor  in the land of Brazil

The search of Colonel Fawcett  for the Greek City of Kephises - page 95

Was the city of Kephises,  hidden deeply in the uncharted region of the Amazonia, Colonel Percy Fawcett ’s great objective?

Our final conclusion and announcement - page 103

About the author of this book - page 105

Bibliography - page 109

Other works - page 109

Within the unexplored Madidi

To the west of the Heath River and the tribe of Toromonas

By Pablo Cingolani and Emmanouil Lalaios

Index - page 110


Also, concerning this subterranean highly advanced civilization I must inform you that around the time of Colonel Fawcett's disappearance when he entered Ibez in 1925 there was another man to introduce the existence of the Hollow Earth to our world named Admiral Byrd who was a pioneering American aviator, polar explorer, and organizer of polar logistics. For your information, in order to know exactly who Admiral Byrd was and what he discovered, please click on the following links:


Admiral Byrd was a recipient of the Medal of Honor, the highest honor for heroism given and the highest military decoration awarded by the United States government.

Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd and

Admiral Byrd in the Hollow Earth



The Germans in connection with our research and Colonel Fawcett

Details about the city Akakor can be found in the book of Karl Brugger “The Chronicle of Akakor” that talks about the Glory of the Gods and Tatunka Nara, the son of an Indian chieftain and a proclaimed prince of the new tribe of Ugha Mongulala that were “White Indians” and the descendents of Gods who had lived on earth; those who invaded Akakor and were called “White Barbarians” or Spaniards.

In 1972 German photojournalist Karl Brugger (Source: The Chronicle of Akakor , by Karl Brugger , Delacorte Press, 1977) encountered an Indian named Tatunka Nara in a market in Manaus, Brazil, a city of northwest Brazil on the Rio Negro near its junction with the Amazon River. Founded in the 1660's, Manaus was a prosperous center of the wild-rubber trade in the late 19th century and today is the chief commercial hub of the upper Amazon basin with Population, 611,763

Karl Brugger published his findings in 1972 and was planning a trip to Akakor at the time of his murder. The questions in this story are many but you must read our research page to find out why Colonel Fawcett, Adolph Hitler and many others in this story are still alive today. Was Karl Bruger murdered and why? If you want to learn more details, then read our research book “The Theory of Ibez in connection with Percy Harrison Fawcett”

The story of Akakor talks about a highly advanced civilization coming from another planet or solar system; talks about ‘flying sauces’ and also talks about advanced beings having six fingers instead of five on each hand and all these are to be found in records written in a hieroglyphic text that talks about many important happenings including the birth of the Incas and the construction of great cities such as the Vilcabamba.

The Akakorian priests prophesized that “the white barbarians will eventually discover Akakor and there they will find in it their own mirror image, thus the circle will be closed”. In general, Akakor’s story seems to be partially involved with what Colonel Fawcett was in search for during his Bolivian explorations and his work in demarcating the country’s borders.

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