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The CIA and its connection with the secrets of Amazonia


Strange events about CIA spies and Aliens appearance in Amazonia

What CIA has to do with the Amazon Indians and their cultures?


An amazing report dispatched to us by Kylan Massimo Pere


Pucallpa, Peru, May 26 2006. I changed email providers because I think the CIA is monitoring yahoo emails since they are so popular. I am sure I met a CIA spy from the USA two nights ago in an Ayahuasca ceremony we had together with the shaman in Santa Clara. (Everyone who lives in Santa Clara is related to this shaman and some others too in other communities.) 


I have learned that the shaman and the Roque family have moved to Santa Clara after there was a fire in their previous village so almost everyone living in Santa Clara is a Roque. What first got my attention about the CIA guy was that he only used his head and not his heart. He just simply couldn't have been there for the spiritual reasons he said he was there for. 


Also because psychology is my hobby, I have studied young people who have gone to IV league universities such as Yale and Harvard. I am certain that he went to one, but I didn't ask him where he went to school to confirm it unfortunately. Ayahuasca told me his true identity and I confirmed that he must be one after testing him with these questions:

I asked him what he did when he was in La Paz, Bolivia and he said he only saw the coca museum over the 5-6 days he was there and that was because he was sick the whole time. This struck me as being odd because La Paz has so much to offer to its tourists and is the cheapest country in South America, too. 


La Paz also has an American embassy there. He didn't talk about what he did in Chile or Argentina, the other countries he traveled to. The only other thing he commented on about his travels was that the Chilean customs took a long time to get through, and the Bolivian customs were really fast which he thought was funny.


When I first met him we talked about spirituality and he agreed with everything I said. Then later I started to lie to him and I made it sound as if I was there just say I have been there and that the spirituality of it didn't mean anything to me. He then later agreed to that too. 


When I asked him about the visions he had, he said he felt as if his brain was stuck inside of a body that took Ayahuasca (probably because he was trained to keep himself focused on his mission while intoxicated) and that he saw himself riding on a horse with a cowboy hat on land somewhere.


What was wrong suddenly with the Kylan’s camera?  


When I asked him where does he think he was riding his horse he said my land very quickly and with confidence. He then said this was probably something from his subconscious because he always wanted to take land that was wild and make it his. He also didn't want me to take any photos for him as he said that he wanted to just remember the experience for spiritual reasons. 


I took a photo of him anyway, and mysteriously 20 minutes after I took the photo and tried to turn my camera back on again for the first time after that, it just didn't work, but I saw that the photo of him successfully downloaded to my memory card. I have no idea what happened to my camera.


-     What do you think it might have happened? I asked Kylan

-     It just simply stopped functioning after I took two photos of the CIA guy. 

    I tried to turn it on back when I returned near my tent to sleep and it just didn't

    turn on. That was about 20 minutes after I took the two photos.


I tried changing the batteries with 2 other sets, and they aren't the problem, and I have no idea what happened. I do know there are devices, which can destroy electronics though that he could have used. The entire time whenever he had the opportunity to asked me questions, and I felt he was doing so just to test me and gather information, which he would later report. After the ceremony was over he quickly hugged the shaman and just said ‘muchas gracias’.

I learned in the Ayahuasca ceremony that they were absolutely horrified by me and this other guy who called himself Matthew H Ranson of 25 years old. And that there was nothing more horrifying to them than seeing these 2 alien Americans speaking to each other with American accents in their cold business-correct tones and body gestures. He also said he took San Pedro in Copacabana, Bolivia on a mountain alone for the spiritual experience.


All his stories and information he gave me was vague, easily agreeable, and totally unconfirmed. He was careful not to say much about the places I might have been to too. He said this all before I told him I traveled to those places too. 


And when he asked me how old I was (I am almost 25), where I have traveled to, and for how long I have been doing it, he didn't seemed surprised like other tourists do. He seemed as if he already knew this information or was only asking me to make a report. He said he had been traveling for 4 months and had 2 more months left.


CIA agent later asked me where I slept and how long I was going to be in Santa Clara. In the morning he came over to my tent to give me a cold farewell and then quickly left with the family that brought him there. I had the feeling he just wanted to see where I slept. He said he was going to Iquitos.


Ayahuasca ceremony and the unbelievable visions of Kylan

The super natural contact with the "Others" commonly known as Aliens


In the ceremony I felt the energy of the cosmos being directed into me which the shaman knows how to direct into you by making T-shaped hand signs above his head pointed down at you which he does while singing Icaros, which he did with a son of his who is also learning shamanism. He has at least one other son too, named Jose, who is also learning shamanism as well. Then I saw shapes and designs with colors, it was beautiful.


The placing of the designs looked as if someone had put a screen in between me and what I was looking at; these were definitely the designs, which inspired the Shipibo designs, but the designs I saw looked completely different to theirs. 


Even though the designs were completely different though they were still organized and patterned in the same way as the traditional designs you see the Shipibos use. The designs I saw were one dimensional, as if they were transparent clothes that went on infinitely in each direction, but I had to be facing in the general direction of the shaman in order to see the designs.


The designs were flat and straight as if they were on a giant transparent screen or table, but the screen or table was sometimes tilted or at different diagonal angles. They also changed with the Icaros the shaman sung with his son. The designs had information in them, which was like a book and which I was able to read as if it were a map. 


As I inquisted for knowledge or searched the design by navigating on it with my eyes, thoughts entered into my head (similar with my San Pedro experiences) and I then magically was able to give myself the answers through my inquisitive mental work. I was also able to learn about the past and future with this technique. I was able to receive the knowledge of any kind I wanted.

When I told the Shipibos about this and how it worked they just chuckled as if they were saying to me:

-    See!!! I told you.


I talked to a Shipibo professor who teaches the Shipibo children, he is middle aged with a family of 6 children and a wife. He has also visited other indigenous tribes and I asked him if the Shipibos had contact with aliens or the other strangers in the sky from other worlds.

-   Yes, he said, it happened about 100 years ago, and that the 68-year-old shaman I had the ceremony with has learned their secrets and that is how we can feel the energy of the plant.


I have to ask more questions about this, but the impression I got from the Ayahuasca trip was that aliens were giving the information to me. The designs were very simple and beautiful, but I felt they were absolutely alien to planet earth, but can be related to in other religions around the world. 


I also realized that we see these designs all the time but we just don't realize it. Whenever I don't have my contacts or glasses on and when I'm looking into the space of the air I can sort of see them and have always seen things like these for as long as I can remember.


I need to say that now the Shipibo professor who said that they haven't had contact with aliens 100 years ago and use their power now says that they don't use any alien powers or receive anything from the aliens. But that it all just comes from the earth instead... 


I don't believe this though, I can't imagine the designs which I saw being anything else but information given to me by aliens and the same goes for the infinite amount of knowledge which I feel is not coming from nature but from those who want me to receive it to use it or specifically from aliens or God.


I think they are saying this because they simply are taking precautions. In fact, I shouldn't even be telling you these things I'm seeing. I was told to only speak of my visions with my shaman and no one else. The shaman said that my visions are meant for me and I shouldn't tell them to others because it's possible others can be bad and hurt me because of this.


And so, this seems to me that they are protecting this information because they really shouldn't tell this to others. This same guy who told me with such confidence about the aliens and who then later took back what he said also gave me the BIG impression that he knows where the Machiguenga Indian shamans are hiding out, but pretended to not know to protect their location.


By the way, I had a thought or a moment of clarity after my last Ayahuasca ceremony when I was acting like a tiger. The thought was that it is possible that the bad aliens are making orders for faces or body parts for their research of some kind and that the CIA or other governments were the ones responsible for these face peeling incidents. 


They were doing this for the aliens because in exchange the aliens were giving them their valuable technology. The aliens themselves could be using these faces not just for research, but also as masks. They might be targeting the Shipibos because the aliens could be interested in their spiritual abilities and learning how they are able to be so.


I had another moment of clarity that the aliens wanted to take us out of nature because we are able to fight them in nature by using the spirits of the earth like the tiger against them. The city makes us spiritually weak, and we are spiritually stronger in nature. We are just cows to them which they slaughter every now and then.


The Ayahuasca ceremony has only made these designs crystal clear to the eye, along with their meaning and purpose. When I talked to him about this he agreed that the yin-yang symbol was universal in meaning and so that there were most likely bad aliens too, just like there's good plant and bad plants, good shamans and bad shamans, good spirits and bad spirits.

I had another vision that the tourism industry was going to destroy shamanism because the plant and other good aliens were going to stop giving the matrix code visions to the Shipibos since they are selling them to the alien tourists. I strongly felt as if the designs were proof the world we live in is just a matrix code. 


I requested from Kylan to give an explanation about the matrix code he had seen in his vision and here is what he said:


-   The matrix code looked like nothing I can really describe. I would have to draw it, but I can barely remember it, and I was barely able to remember it the next day too. I would have to draw it right on the spot during a vision when I saw it in order to record it, but I will try now to describe it.

And he continued…

-   The only thing I can remember of the design was a sort of brown perfectly geometrical 5 or 7 pointed leaf design that was repeated over and over with many other designs intermixed with it too. All designs were filled with colors and really looked cloth like.


    The designs were absolutely perfectly crafted, as if by machine, and the cloth they were on was perfectly straight and flat. They also even looked a little 3 dimensional just as some of the Shipibo clothes have some extra small 3 dimensional extra sowings of small piece of clothe added onto them, sewed on top of the original weaving created. 


   This is what made them seem so alien to me because they were so unnatural and the designs were something created from a mind, but not my mind as I couldn't control, make, or manipulate the designs I was seeing and the designs were giving me so much information that I didn't know.


The CIA agent who was there at one point completely disappeared from sight and I couldn't tell if he left or was lying down somewhere in the shadows. When I reached out to touch him to see if he was there, I felt my hand touch him, but I couldn't see him. It was as if he didn't really exist because he wasn't human. That was what I understood during the ceremony. I was able to see my own hands and body, which was proof that I was, but still an alien.


I had another vision that cities and the people that lived in them were bad aliens on our planet, which wanted to conquer the earth, which included ALL of its nature, and those who lived in it. I also saw myself as being born from an alien race and an alien too. I found it very difficult to see who I was in a past life (it took a lot of mental energy) and I started to feel as if I didn't have one.


I had a vision that the bad aliens were using me as a double agent, which I was not aware of, in order to spy on the natives and that the large amount of money that I made previously online was actually money which the CIA was giving to me to get me here, where they wanted me to be, and this was why I am not making money anymore.

In another vision I saw that the Shipibos looked at me as if I was a giant spider living among them and feared my white skin and beard. And what makes them fear me even more, is for them to see me pursue my spirituality, and to implement any new spiritual concepts. I also saw that I would be reincarnated as a spider if I continued to live my life the way I am and so I needed to pursue my spirituality. This was because the life I live is like a spider that sets up traps in his web to survive. and so I would become a spider and live in solitude in my web if I didn't change.

In another vision I saw Ayahuasca visions as being something similar to the last thoughts of consciousness or what consciousness is like when you die. I saw an Ayahuasca vision and saw the whole ceremony as a last immortal thought which never ends and so when you ask a plant question, search the design map or matrix code, or just simply use your head (because they are all related and connected) you can find the answer as you search to the end of the earth until you find it because your thoughts are never ending and immortal as they are your last ones.

In another vision I saw myself wearing beautiful alien clothes, but which you have seen something similar being worn in other ancient cultures. I was wearing a sort of uniform that covered my entire body, which also had triangle clothe points pointing off of it. The clothes were filled with exotic colors, shapes, and designs. My clothes were beautiful but totally alien to the Shipibo community and horrifying to see. The clothes and I didn't fit into the community.

In another vision I saw that I could never become a Shipibo shaman because I wasn't a Shipibo and that only Shipibos could become Shipibo shamans. I noticed the son of the shaman who was singing the Icaros with him. He has some facial hair and in the sound of his voice you can hear that his vocal cords are not completely Shipibo and that his blood has been mixed even though his parents are both Shipibos.


I saw him singing, touching his hair, and holding himself in his body gesture which was in a very feminine way. Totally unlike him in his normal consciousness, and so I then realized that this was because sometime ago a Spaniard had raped a woman Indian and that this was why he had to sing, act, and hold himself in a feminine way in order to reach for the Shipibo side of himself to get to Shamanic enlightenment.

I also noticed that I was able to control whether or not mosquito bites would itch and raise into bumps with my thoughts alone. Whenever I would think about paying the shaman for future ceremonies, new mosquito bites would rise and itch, as well as, the energy of the earth and the dirt on the ground felt colder and less inviting to my bare feet. 


When I would just concentrate on the designs and search for answers the earth sent a warmer energy to my feet and the mosquitoes seemed to go away completely. I also saw that mosquitoes were probably the first insects to make an alliance with nature by attacking us with the earth's aim to keep us out of nature and to protect it. And that in the future all insects, animals, and other forces of the earth will unite to kill us aliens ALL who live in the cities.


I had another vision when I was questioning the map design about the tunnels and how to enter into them. I received the information that all one had to do to enter into the tunnels was to get rid of the alien trash on the earth and that when you did that the earth will invite you into it and you will know when you are invited. 


I also received the information that it didn't matter if you literally picked up the alien trash in nature or if you killed people who lived in the city. Even though one is totally different than the other, I felt that the earth saw them as both the same.

My next question to Kylan was about the tunnels he saw in his visions and what the Indians knew about it.

-    Did you ask the people there what they know about the entrances of the tunnels that lead to the underground world, to the inner earth, to the hollow earth? This is very important for me to know

-      I asked about the tunnels already and about the people living in the earth and they said they knew nothing of it. I told them that they exist in Cusco and didn't seem interested in what I was saying to them as if it wasn't important. I think they might know about them and once again, are protecting this information from me. 

     I read in a book, which I have from a guy who visited the Shipibos in 1975 circa and he said that in Ayahuasca ceremonies they can navigate in underground rivers in their canoes and can see other civilizations inside of the earth.

The strange incident of the dog’s ‘operation’ and the face-peelers


I saw a dog a few days ago before I took the Ayahuasca, which had its nose, cut off by a machete. The cut looked like an operation, and was perfectly cut across 90 degrees to the dogs eyes, leaving the dog with only a lower jaw and 2 scary eyes. It looked like it a creature from a Hell raiser movie and so I didn't forget it. The owner said the person who did that took drugs and that the police never got him as he ran away.


And so while searching about this information on the Ayahuasca map I discovered that he was probably a face peeler, or in Spanish they are called pela caras, who did this to the dog because the face peeler was probably curious in his sick head what the dog would look like if he cut his snout off. He also probably thought it was funny. I also received the information that he probably did this while the dog was lying on the ground.


I also received the information that the shaman had the same energy and power as Mahatma Gandhi in the ceremony. This has to be true as I felt and saw this same energy of the shaman but just in a different way when I took San Pedro with him in another ceremony. 


It is as if the shaman transforms himself into a totally different person who you never knew in the ceremony, a person from the ancient past, and there is such sadness in his voice which I felt it coming from the knowledge that his culture will not last and that the Shipibos in the future will be living side by side with these weird alien city creatures.

-          What do you mean by saying weird alien city creatures?

-  I think that people who live their lives in cities are weird alien creatures because they can't live on Earth and need to create weird alien environments to live in. Aren't all animals and humans alike on Earth supposed to live in nature the way the Indians do? If they can then why can't we? What are the mentality city people have about saving planet Earth and it's nature? 

     How different is their religion from those who live at one with nature or the Indians? What strong beliefs do those who live in the cities have and what strong beliefs do those who live at one with the nature of Earth have? What is important to one and to the other? Their mentality just makes no sense and is so destructive to this planet as if they are an alien force sent to destroy it.

However, he himself wears clothes from the city, but when you see him taking a walk down a path his body posture and walking pattern looks as if he is connected with the whole world and you can see that he is constantly receiving information from it. 


During the last Ayahuasca trip and also when I took San Pedro with him in another ritual with him. I felt as if I went back in time as even the Shipibos who joined us in the ceremonies, whether they took Ayahuasca or not, transformed as well into mysterious and ancient people. In the dark you can't see the city clothes they wear, and so you can't judge them. 


You can only hear the ancient and mysterious Icaros, the strange hand signs the shaman makes above his head, and their indigenous body posture which was passed down to them by their ancestors which is still imprinted in their psychology, but I fear which won't be in future generations. I also feel that money can't buy shamanism, it can only buy a ticket to get you into the ceremony. Shamanism can has to be bought with love.


About a week ago before we had the ceremony I was smoking grass and took a shit in some bushes near the wall of the Peruvian military air base. I smelled a horrible smell there and felt horrible energy there too, as if the plants there wanted to attack me. The Shipibo professor said that he saw a dead man there covered in flies who was a mestiso (this was confirmed by the news), but who had his face. 


He said he heard in the news that it was for something about money and that another friend in the city confirmed this for me too. The amount of money was $20,000 dollars, not soles, and from what I understood he said someone paid that money to kill him.


CIA and its possible involvement with the Earth’s amazing secrets


By Emmanouil Lalaios


What follows are some amazing events from our Xavante story journals entitled “Xavante, a bellicose nation of Mato Grosso and Percy Harrison Fawcett” that show CIA involved with matters that concern South America's greatest secrets.


Journal 01, Brazil, June 2004.


There are conflicts between protestant and catholic factions, lots of intrigues played out by missionaries there, such as the Summer Institute of Linguistics. Rumors have it they are there with the financial support of the CIA. They have their own air balloons and airstrips, though they have been expelled in Venezuela because they thought of some tribes and set them up against the socialist government.


Why CIA is involved in this matter?


Journal 33 has an article concerning the Hollow Earth and its entrances.


The article of Hollow Earth is a very important one that has to be read by all of us in order to realize and draw conclusions on what is going on today with this outstanding subject of Hollow Earth and the Intras that happened to be part of our research with great results so far. 


In this article it is written that the poles are actually holes that go through both sides of the planet, as if a stick had perforate d Earth from North to South. The area that can render a compass unusable is located near those poles, and is not a single point but would be close to a circle located on the top and on the bottom of the planet. The circle lies around the "Pole Entrances".


This circle area is where the magnetic field lines that surround earth converge on the North and South Pole regions. Satellite images are modified so that these entrance holes are not shown to the masses.


CIA and military ships guard the north entrance. The southern entrance is blocked by ice and has its access blocked or made further difficult by military bases and patrols.


The question comes again: Why CIA is involved with this matter?


Journal 39,

Area: Cuzco, Peru,

Date: April 25 2006

Subject: The entrances to the subterranean world (Hollow Earth)


The article talks about a shaman, a Peruvian ‘banco’, who left the mountains because he was afraid to get involved in trouble; he told us that the CIA operates there and is eliminating the shamans after they got all their secrets. The CIA is gathering information from the shamans about the tunnel network and then once they have that they eliminate any shaman as witness. This shaman is from Lima, but was raised in Cajamarca. He knows about the tunnels of Cajamarca and much more about the lakes in Lares that have tunnel into the inner earth. 


-    That's why the CIA roams there with automatic guns, the Shaman said


A CIA man in civil clothes approached the Shaman and offered him to work with them but the shaman didn't trust them one bit and he was afraid of being eliminated as well.


-  They spread aids, the shaman says, on purpose, they kill the shamans because that's what they should do if they have to many onlookers, or the shamans know when the time will come that the person comes they are waiting for who will cleanse the earth.


Lares, a Peruvian location, should definitely be one of the locations with a door to the Hollow Earth apart from the Cocalinho cave in Mato Grosso or another one near Machu Picchu as I believe there is one there as well. So far, we knew that Machu Picchu and Peru was a place with doors to the subterranean world of Ibez. The situation involves CIA and their guarding in Lares where probably is the location of some tunnel entrances that lead to the Hollow Earth and to the world of the “Others” by eliminating the shamans who know or talk about this matter.


In one of our journals is mentioned the case of secret governmental organizations of some countries having France amongst them; such organizations are working undercover with intention to keep the existence of the tunnels entrance in the Roncador hidden from the entire world so they were ready to kill anybody who might be 'lucky' to be near or know anything about these entrances of the underworld.


What on earth CIA is doing down there in a country like Bolivia or Peru or Brazil and what is their goal? 


If it is the truth, then these are signs indicating the existence of the Intras, of the Extras, of the tunnels that are constructed underground, of the advanced civilization that lives down there, of the Hollow Earth's existence and much more for us to think about having at the top the existence and immortality of the legendary British explorer Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett who mysteriously disappeared in 1925 during his eighth ill-fated expedition into Mato Grosso looking for his great objective, his city of quest Z inhabited by beings of high intelligence and a highly advanced civilization consisting of the "Others" or as otherwise known the Extras and the Intras.


-    Why do they want to eliminate witnesses? I asked Alann, my research's associate in South America. Any idea why CIA wants to keep the tunnel network hidden from the entire world?


-      You know that the truth only serves for the chosen few... 

       Alann said to me

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