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Admiral Byrd and the existence of the Hollow Earth that has to do with Ibez, Colonel Fawcett's great objective


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Admiral Forrestal and Admiral Byrd, heroes of the Hollow Earth Legend

Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd & Hollow Earth

Adolph Hitler and his dealing with the Hollow Earth

What is it believed on Admiral Byrd's amazing discovery

Richard E. Byrd's Operation High jump

Testimonies that have enriched so far the amazing results of our own research concerning the existence of Ibez and that Colonel Fawcett is still alive today together with other well-known personalities of our world

In 1964, Raymond W. Bernard, an esotericist and leader of the Rosicrucians (members of an international organization, especially the Ancient Mystic Order Rosae Crucis and the Rosicrucian Order, devoted to the study of ancient mystical, philosophical, and religious doctrines and concerned with the application of these doctrines to modern life) published The Hollow Earth - The Greatest Geographical Discovery in History made by Admiral Richard E. Byrd in the Mysterious Land Beyond the Poles - The True Origin of the Flying Saucers. Admiral Richard E. Byrd of the United States Navy flew to the North Pole in 1926 and over the South Pole in 1929. Who was actually admiral Byrd?


Concerning this subterranean highly advanced civilization I must inform you that around the time of Colonel Fawcett's disappearance when he entered Ibez in 1925 there was another man to introduce the existence of the Hollow Earth to our world named Admiral Byrd who was a pioneering American aviator, polar explorer, and organizer of polar logistics. For your information, in order to know exactly who Admiral Byrd was and what he discovered, please click on the following links:


Admiral Byrd was a recipient of the Medal of Honor" the highest honor for heroism given and the highest military decoration awarded by the United States government.

Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd


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Admiral Forrestal and Admiral Byrd in the story that brought the secret of the Hollow Earth to the surface in the 40's!!!


Admiral Richard E. Byrd referred to Antarctica as "The Land of Everlasting Mystery" and in reference to the North Pole he wrote: "I'd like to see that land beyond the North Pole, it is the Center of the Great Unknown.” Byrd had discovered another civilization in the Hollow Earth but his diary was kept secret by the governments from the rest of the world. What he had found and seen was incredible. 


Admiral Byrd’s story was one of the strangest has ever been told before, a story that comes from someone with such credibility. Richard Byrd, a great name in the history of the Navy was considered to be the braver man, the more adventurous man, and the more honest man and as things appear to be they tried to assassinate his character.


If you really want to read his secret diary in details then click on the link at the end of this page to access it. In other words, Byrd had found Ibez in 1947, some 23 years after Colonel Fawcett’s mysteriously disappearance in the wilds of Brazil in 1925.


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In his diary, Byrd allegedly tells of entering the hollow interior of the earth, along with others and traveling 1700 miles over mountains, lakes, rivers, green vegetation, and animal life. He tells of seeing tremendous animals resembling the mammoths of antiquity moving through the bush. He eventually found cities and a thriving civilization. The external temperature was 74 degrees F.


His airplane was greeted by flying machines of a type he had never seen before. They escorted him to a safe landing area where emissaries from Agartha, or as otherwise we call it Ibez, graciously greeted him. After resting, he and his crew were taken to meet the king and queen of Agartha (Ibez). They told him that he had been allowed to enter Agartha (Ibez) because of his high moral and ethical character. 


Close up view of the New Zealand Memorial to Admiral Byrd's label


They went on to say that they worried about the safety of planet Earth due to he bombs and other testing done above the surface by governments. After the visit Byrd and his crew were guided back to the surface of the Earth. The question that still remains is that Admiral Byrd did make a flight beyond the pole but this flight wasn't in February of 1947 but a different time period.


In February 1947 Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd was in charge of a massive operation in the Arctic that was called Operation High jump. Operation High jump has become a topic among UFO conspiracy theorists, who claim it was a covert US military operation to conquer alleged secret underground Nazi facilities in Antarctica and capture the German Vril flying discs, or Thule mercury-powered spaceship prototypes.


An esoteric Hitlerism legend recounts that Adolph Hitler did not commit suicide in 1945, but fled to Argentina, then to an SS base under the ice in New Swabia during the early 1950s where he resumed his career as a painter. According to this account, Operation High jump, the largest expedition mounted to the Antarctic, is claimed to have been sent to wipe out the Nazi presence.


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Admiral Richard E. Byrd had the opportunity to fly unexpectedly to the land beyond the North pole and for the first and last time to visit the Hollow Earth. Most of this video story is written at the bottom of this page entitled "what is actually believed or happened after Admiral Byrd’s amazing discovery in the North Pole"


In 26 August 1946, Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd was in charge of a massive operation in the Arctic, It was called Operation High jump. The task force of OVER 40 SHIPS, included the flagship "Mount Olympus", the aircraft carrier "Philippine Sea", the seaplane tender "Pine Sea", the submarine "Senate", the destroyer "Bronson", the ice breaker "North wind", and other tanker and supply ships. An armed contingent of 1400 sailors, and three dog sled teams were also on board.


Richard E. Byrd's Operation High jump commenced 26 August 1946 and ended in late February 1947. Task Force 68 included 4,700 men, 13 ships, and multiple aircraft. The real reason for the expedition was to seek out a secret German UFO station still operating in the Antarctic. These Flying saucers were based on Viktor Shauberger's Vortex Mechanics and electromagnetic power system


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In January of 1956 Admiral Byrd led an expedition to the South Pole. On that expedition he and his crew penetrated down 2,300 miles into the center of the earth. Admiral Byrd stated that the North and South Poles are only two of many openings into the center of the Earth. He wrote about seeing a sun below the Earth.


Stephen Sindoni shares the secret diary of Admiral Richard Byrd's journey to the inner earth in the video entitled "Hollow Earth Fact or Fiction?- Admiral Byrd Story."

Admiral Forrestal was the first United States Secretary of Defense and one of the original founding members of the Majestic Twelve, a group that was created by the military oversee of all alien related, information basically as a control mechanism to make sure that came out or got out was filtered through them. Majestic Twelve (MJ 12) was original organized by a guy named Jesse Marcel involved with the Roswell UFO incident.

Majestic Twelve (MJ 12) was the alleged code name of a secret committee of scientists, military leaders, and government officials, supposedly formed in 1947 by an executive order of U.S. President Harry S Truman. 

Forrestal and Byrd decided to work together in going public with the stories about the Roswell incident and the inner earth but Admiral Forrestal was assassinated and within a few weeks of Byrd's self-imposed exile, he was also dying so his diary was released after his death.

The secret diary of Admiral Byrd's exploration of the North Pole

Also known as The flight to the land beyond the North Pole


Also, read the link below about the heroes of the Hollow Earth to find out what it's really hidden behind the curtain of the Intra-Terrestrials and the "Others"


North and South poles, the lands of everlasting mysteries

Admiral Byrd brought the secret of the Hollow Earth to the surface in the 40's!


Deadly time vortex appears over Antarctica

What are they hiding from the earth's poles and some Caves and Lakes?


What is actually believed or happened after Admiral Byrd’s amazing discovery in the North Pole


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On the 19 of September 1947 the American Explorer Richard Byrd flew to the South Pole. It’s said that when he came back he reported what happened to this expedition. Conspiracy theories have interpreted these records proof that Richard Byrd had indeed discovered an entrance to the center of the earth. 

People or creatures inhabiting inside the center of the earth are some super beings, tall and very humanoid creatures that were very advanced.

The hole in the Antarctic supposedly is where these creatures fly out and fly back into. There is a hole allegedly allowing a super civilization living inside the planet. Beyond the South Pole is the center of the great unknown. 

The Hollow Earth also claims US legislation to prevent other citizens from exploring caves and specifically end of stopping them reaching the earth’s center. 

You are not allowed to go into a cave with natural opening into the earth without a federal cave permit or a federal cave expert with you and also any locations of caves that are otherwise on government property or public property that public doesn’t know about they cannot give information or question the government to where those caves are in order to concentrate the effort to keep the people from exploring the underworld 

So if you go along with this why our government keeping our knowledge of the Hollow Earth secret, the answer is if the people find out if there is a tropical paradise inside the earth they would migrate and start all over again.

So like in the Hollywood, Aliens and caves, Masonic symbols and architecture, folic symbols and abundance are all just the products of the imagination.


Admiral Byrd's Secret Diary and the existence of the Hollow Earth

Part Two - The Land of the Great Unknown



Another announcement of Admiral Byrd's Secret Journey beyond the Poles


By Tim R. Swartz

U.S. TV Producer & Videographer

February 1947: “I'd like to see that land beyond the Pole. That area beyond the Pole is the center of the Great Unknown.“ ...that enchanted continent in the sky, land of everlasting mystery!”

Byrd's wife, who read his logbook for the flight, said that the Admiral contacted the representatives of the underground civilization who overtook us for one thousand years of development. The inner planet surface residents resembled people in appearance, but were more beautiful and had the look of spirituality. They had no wars; they found new sources of energy, which allowed using vehicles engines and receiving food and light from nothing.


Those people told Byrd they tried to contact the outer surface of the Earth residents, but all their attempts were rejected and their flying machines were shot. Finally they decided to assist human beings only when they finally come to the brink of self-destruction. "Inner" Earth residents showed Byrd all their civilization achievements and then escorted the pilot to the Pole hole to let him out to our outer word. On return home he discovered that the plane used the fuel for extra 2750 kilometers of flight…

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