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The Great Web of Percy Harrison Fawcett. This logo is a trademark of "The Great Unknown, The Great Explorers" and "The Great Web of Percy Harrison Fawcett" - All Rights Reserved


Books that concern Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett and his mysterious disappearance are to be found here


Exploration Fawcett

The Theory of Ibez

Within the Unexplored Madidi

Xavante series

The Lost Explorer

Lost Trails, Lost Cities

Chavante, An Expedition to the Tribes of the Mato Grosso

Brazilian Adventure

Secret cities of old South America - Unveiled Atlantis

The tribe that hides from man

Man  Hunting in the Jungle

The Fate of Colonel Fawcett

Brazilian Interior

Colonel Fawcett - The True History of Indiana Jones


Col. P. H. Fawcett  

Exploration Fawcett

Introduction by Robin Hanbury-Tenison

The mystic and legendary British explorer Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett disappeared in the unknown and unexplored territory of Brazil's Mato Grosso in 1925. For 10 years, he had wandered the forests and death-filled rivers in search of a "lost" city; convinced he knew the location of one, he headed off for the last time--never to be heard from again. His son from manuscripts, letters, and logbooks has now compiled the thrilling story of what occurred during that time. What happened to him after remains a mystery. "...Should be read by everyone."-- Daily Telegraph.

Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett was born in 1867 in Devon, England. At the age of nineteen he was given a commission in the Royal Artillery. He served in Ceylon for several years where he met and married his wife. Later he performed secret service work in North Africa. Fawcett found himself bored with Army life and learned the art of surveying, hoping to land a more interesting job. Then in 1906 came the offer from the Society: His ticket to adventure. The story of Colonel Percy Fawcett, and his disappearance has become a legend in Amazonian folklore.

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The Theory of Ibez in connection with Percy Harrison Fawcett

By Emmanouil Lalaios, F. R. G. S.




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114 pages including 60 B&W and color photos and maps





Within The Unexplored Madidi

To the West of the Heath River and the tribe of Toromonas

Electronic Book by Pablo Cingolani and Emmanouil Lalaios


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This is a complete story of the two Bolivian expeditions that continue the search in an unexplored territory at the borders of Bolivia and Peru to locate the source of the Heath River, a duty that was left incomplete by the legendary British explorer Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett during his boundary work in the territory between 1906 and 1920. The two expeditions are in order to call attention about the biodiversity, the protection of the environment, the environmental education and also recreate Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett's Fifth Expedition routing to the roof of the world in 1911 in remembrance of his action.


The house of Carlos Franck, which lodged Percy Harrison Fawcett during his trips by the zone. The photo shows Pablo Cingolani (dressed in white), leader of the official Bolivian expeditions in the footsteps of Colonel Fawcett


We have arrived to the nearest point which was 40 km away from the west fountain of the Heath River and we were able to recognize the route to this fountain from the top of a mountain at the altitude of 1797 meters. In the photo above our expedition team in the Cachimayu stream with Pablo Cingolani sitting first on the right.



Our electronic Journals of Xavante series

Xavante, a bellicose nation of Mato Grosso and Percy Harrison Fawcett


Our Xavante journals is a astonishing work of our Xavante companion Alann De Vuyst


Hereby, we offer this incredible collection of journals concerning our Xavante true story that uncovers chronic secrets since the beginning of the 20th century concerning the mysterious disappearance of Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett, his connection with the Xavante, the Morçegos and the "Others", a highly advanced civilization on our planet that allowed Percy Harrison Fawcett to find his great objective, the city of his quest "Z", be part of it and have an everlasting life at Ibez. Our Xavante journals explain how Colonel Fawcett is still alive today, just one step before our expedition to Ibez.


Alann De Vuyst (fourth from the right) during a Xavante ceremony in the main square of the Xavante village of Santa Cruz near Rio Culuene in Mato Grosso, Brazil



The Lost Explorer
by Michael Woods
Paperback    Pages: 416


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More books that concern Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett and his mysterious disappearance are to be seen below:


Lost Trails, Lost Cities

by Lt. Col. P. H.  Fawcett, D.S.O








Chavante, An Expedition to the Tribes of the Mato Grosso

by Rolf Blomberg


 119. Photos., Brazil Adventure Exploration Travel Mato Grosso



Brazilian Adventure

by Peter Fleming, New York, Charles Scribner’s Sons 1934

Peter Fleming's expedition diary to trace Colonel Fawcett. The irresistible story of a man's involvement in the search for Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett who, in the summer of 1925 embarked on a journey into a dangerous and largely unexplored region of Brazil in search of a Lost World, never to be seen again.



Secret cities of old South America-Unveiled Atlantis

by Harold T. Wilkins

  London: Rider and Company, 1950.   2nd Printing. 



The tribe that hides from man

by Andrian Cowell

The author accompanied the Villas Boas brothers, who were attempting to save the stone age tribes of the Amazon, including the Kreen - Akrore, largely in the Xingú River area, which is where Colonel Fawcett disappeared in the 1930's. The appendices are a chronology of the exploration of the Xingú area, lists of existing and extinct tribes of the area, with information on each.



Man hunting in the jungle

by Commander George M. Dyott

Published by Blue Ribbon Books, CR 1930 by author, CR 1929 by NY World & 

North America Newspaper Alliance, 323 pages. Brown covers, slight wear

This is the story of a search for 3 explorers lost in the Brazilian wilds. Black & white photos. Brazil, explorers, adventurers, South American jungles, jungles, natural history..



The Fate of Colonel Fawcett

By Geraldine Cummins

What happened to Colonel Fawcett who disappeared into the Brazilian Jungle some thirty years ago, whilst searching for traces of a long-lost Atlantean Civilization? Stories and rumors innumerable have arisen through the years seeking to explain his disappearance, but none have proved  conclusive and the mystery remains unsolved. The Aquarian Press



Brazilian Interior

By Kenneth Matthews

In the second half of the book, Kenneth Matthews describes a trip into the "Fawcett country" in the maples jungles of the Xingú basin where Colonel Fawcett and his companions vanished in 1925.



Colonel Fawcett - The True History of Indiana Jones

By Hermes Leal

This book is written in Portuguese


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